Quick and accurate measurement of the temperature and component in molten steel is an important factor directly related to the quality of steelmaking process and stable production. To realize the correct measurement of the temperature, component and highly accurate sampling in molten steel by using Probes, it will greatly improve the customer's high efficiency production and extending the furnace life.

Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures probes under the strict quality management system in order to respond to customers’ diversified demands by making full use of the expertise and know-how that are built up with customers.  In addition, from the viewpoint of BCP (Business Continuity Plan), we provide stable and high-quality Probes at Shiga Factory and Kyoto Factory.

In Probe measurement, checking the customer’s operating conditions on a daily basis and applying it to the product specifications is an important factor to a maintain high measurement success rate.  At Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., we organise the sales structure which enables us to achieve the customers’ satisfaction. Based on responsibility and reliability as a laeding company, we assume a key function in steel manufacturing in Japan as well as in the world.

Expendable Probe

Expendable Probe

The more quality and diversity of steel advances, the more important accurate measurements are, in the temperature and component of molten metal. Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. will meet the wide range of customers’ needs for temperature and component measurement by “Molten Metal Immersion Probe” at blast furnaces, converters, secondary refining and continuous casting.

Sub-lance Probe (Type : DCP)

Sub-lance Probe
( Type : DCP )

The high measurement success rate and accuracy are required for the measurement of a converter which is a harsh environment with stirred high temperature molten steel and slag.
In order to respond to this advanced demand, we have been collaborating with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Co., Ltd. (then, Nippon Steel Corporation) from 1966 and succeeded in development of sublance probes which is indispensable for a dynamic control in practical application.
This technology was highly appreciated as a breakthrough idea which gave a turning point for a converter operation, and it was awarded “Okochi Memorial Production Prize” in 1976.
After that, this Sub-lance Probe has been re-improved and those new functions of “Estimated carbon measurement”, “Sampling for analysis”, “Oxygen activity measurement”, “Metal level measurement” and "Furnace bottom level" are available.

Temperature and Sampling Probe (Type : STP)

Temperature and Sampling Probe
( Type : STP )

This probe is used for an automatic device except a converter sublance system. This is named as STP which stands for "Sampling Temperature Probe".You can choose the best probe among a large variety of probes for your application in order to collect precise information in steel-making process.

Oxygen Measurement Probe (Type : OXT)

Oxygen Measurement Probe
( Type : OXT )

Oxygen Measurement Probe (OXT) consists of an oxygen cell and a molten steel temperature sensor. This probe is ideal for high-grade quality control since it can be used for a wide range of oxygen activity measurement from low oxygen to high oxygen range. It can also be used for control of the dissolved oxygen volume in steel-making process.

Temperature Measurement Probe (Type : SK)

Temperature Measurement Probe
( Type : SK )

Temperature Measurement Probe only consists of one temperature measurement cartridge and one cardboard tube. This is a high precision expendable probe.
There are a large variety of end caps for this probe, and you can choose the best material to your application.

成分センサプロセッサ OXT Partner

Signal processor for Chemical Sensors

Type : SL Partner, OXT Partner

This signal processor is for measurement oxygen and component value of hot metal and molten steel with expendable probe.
This system automatically reads input signals and calculates element content values.
Therefore, it does not need to read the record chart and calculate the reduction of component value. This system will help the operator to obtain results promptly at the job site.

Probe Holder

Holder has the feature to receive a signal from a probe and transfer it to PLC and/or a signal processor, and it also has the feature to fix the probe.
You can choose the suitable holder among a large variety of holders from manual to automatic to meet your application.