Greeting from Top Management

Faithful to Fundamental Values, Forward-Thinking When Faced with Change

Our company traces its origins to the Kawaso Pottery, which was established in Seto City in Aichi Prefecture in the 8th year of the Meiji period (1875) by Sokichi Kawamoto,and we have continued our endeavors in the field of manufacturing while adapting to the changing times. As Seto-mono (name for traditional Japanese porcelain) materials (porcelain insulators) possess superior heat resistance characteristics, we have focused our efforts on conducting joint development with our customers, with the aim of developing temperature measuring instruments for high temperature usage that make use of such materials, and as a result, such products now comprise the core of our company’s business operations. At present, these vital temperature measuring instruments have evolved into products that play a critical role in the business operations of our customers in the steel-making industry, both domestically and abroad, and our products are used in a wide range of regions, earning us the patronage of customers across Europe and in various Asian countries. Additionally, our customers are not limited to the steel-making industry, and all of our employees work together in unison, as we actively engaged on a daily basis in the manufacture and sales of industrial temperature measuring instruments/analysis sensors for customers in other industries, in order to provide customers with the value they seek from our electrical instrumentation business operations.

In conjunction with the commencement of such joint development with our aforementioned customers in the steel-making industry to develop temperature measuring instruments for high temperature usage, our company was spun off into its present form as Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and as of 2017, we were able to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our company’s establishment. We attribute this exclusively to the devoted patronage and trust granted to us by our customers throughout our many years of business. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for this.

Furthermore, I would also like to take the opportunity of this 60th year milestone to announce the appointment of myself, Koki Kawamoto, as the 4th generation company president to take the helm of our company since its establishment. As I engage in my executive management duties, I consider it my mission to “strive to make our corporation sustainable, through enabling our company employees to grow in a viable and healthy manner.”

I believe that we must stay faithful to and to continue to pass down the fundamental values that our company has been tasked to uphold, beginning with those immutable values necessary to fulfill our company’s mission statement, namely, the “respect of human dignity” and the “further enhancement of trust and confidence.”

At the same time, it can be said that a period of 60 years is sufficient time for corporations to fully mature, and I believe that for better or for worse, there are aspects of the concepts and perspectives found within our company that have become static and rigid, not only in terms of business operations, but from an organizational standpoint as well. At present, the advent of AI and the global economy is causing competition to further intensify, as the environment that surrounds corporations is in a state of continual change, and it has become quite common to hear instances of companies not being able to compete even when employing business models that had been successful no more than several years ago. Faced with such a situation, I am motivated with a strong sense of urgency, and I believe that unless we can stop clinging to our successful experiences from the past, accept that such change is inevitable, and adopt a forward-thinking posture, it will be impossible for us to survive as a corporation.

Adopting this spirit of staying true to our fundamental values, and by taking a forward-thinking stance in dealing with change, I will strive to ensure that this company can strategically identify the subtle nuances of the changing times, so that it can continue to provide services that truly meet the needs of the customer, through manufacturing and the creation of superior value-added business propositions.

Koki Kawamoto, Company President

Company Philosophy

By viewing change as a favorable opportunity, we pledge to contribute to the further development of industry and society through manufacturing that is grounded in innovation and creativity.

Management Vision

Through our challenge and continual pursuit of true “quality,” we aim to maintain our role as the best partner for our individual customers.

Our challenge and pursuit of quality consists of the 3 following actions.

Identifying the true “quality” found in matters related to the work we engage in.
Attending to our duty in maintaining product “quality,” which acts as the foundation of the trust we have earned.
Paying careful attention so that we can engage in good “quality” communication that takes into account the perspectives of others.

Company Group Shared Employee Guidelines for Action

( Employee Guidelines for Action )


Quality of Trust

“Behavior consistent with one’s words,”


“legal compliance”


Quality of Work

“Ability to engage in deep thought”

“ability to strike a chord with others”

“ability to see the big picture”


Quality of Communication

“Clearness and conciseness”

“respect for other perspectives”

“positive consideration”

Company Overview

Corporate name Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Koki Kawamoto, Company President
Incorporated on 22 July 1957
Capital 90 million yen
Head Office 1-7-10, Nishihonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0005 JAPAN
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Overseas Department TEL : +81-6-6535-5932 / FAX : +81-6-6535-1914

Marketed items Manufacture and sales of industrial measuring sensors
Design and construction of instrumentation and electrical work
Affiliated company DOLPHIN CO., LTD.
Member organizations
Osaka Industry Association
Japan Society of Promotion of Science
Society of Instrument and Control Engineering
Japan Instrumentation Industry Association
The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
South East Asia Iron & Steel Institute
Authorized qualifications
ISO9001 (Industrial temperature measuring instruments)
Specific construction business (electric work)
General construction business (pluming)

Company History

2017 JCSS certification
The 60th anniversary
2011 Kyoto new factory completed.
2010 Europe branch established.
Kurashiki sales office established.
2009 Kyushu branch Oita sales office established.
2007 The 50th anniversary
2005 Share in PYRO of India acquired.
2004 IISO 9001 : 2000 certification for probes, thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors integrated into "industrial temperature measuring instruments".
2002 Plumbing Works License
(authorized by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) acquired.
2001 ISO 9001 : 2000 accreditation for thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors.
1999 HICOM founded in China.
1997 The 40th anniversary.
New head office building completed.
1996 Began business with Ircon USA.
ISO 9001 accreditation for sensor probe.
1995 General agency agreement with Land Pyrometers UK terminated.
1994 Nagoya sales office established.
1991 Kwaso M.S. Co., Ltd. founded.
1988 Capital increased to \90 million.
1987 The 30th anniversary, the company history edited, CI introduced.
New Technology Research Laboratory completed.
Capital increased to \60 million.
1986 Matsuo service center completed.
1984 Kyoto factory completed.
1983 Tokyo sales office established.
1982 DV sensor technical license given to other manufacturers.
1980 Kimitsu sales office established.
1979 Nagoya service center established.
1976 Okochi memorial production prize awarded.
(Sub-lance Sensor Probe for steel-making DV Brand)
1975 Shiga factory completed.
Capital increased to \30 million.
1970 Kitakyushu sales office established.
Capital increased to \20 million.
1969 Kagoshima sales office established.
1959 Wakayama sales office established.
1957 Foreign Trading and Instrumentation departments become independent, succeeding the name of Kawaso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. with a starting capital of \5 million.
1956 Instrumentation department established.
Started trading with Pyrotenax UK.
1952 Foreign Trading department established.
Started trading with Sheffield UK. (thermocouple business)
Started trading with Land Pyrometers UK as the general agency in Japan to begin sales of radiation thermometers.
1875 Sokichi Kawamoto founded Kawaso Pottery Works in the ceramic town of Seto city, Aichi prefecture, starting manufacture and sales of pottery and ceramics.